Deanship of Library Affairs


شعار جامعة القصيم



About Deanship:
The Deanship of Library Affairs was established posterior to a Royal Decree No. 7/3/22042 on 11/5/1425AH whence it was based at the College of  Economics. Later it was  permanently housed in the Main Administration Building of QU whose administrative offices are located in the Central Library. Prior to that, the libraries were located in and supervised by each college of the then two branches of King Saud University and Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University.​​
Qassim University has five major libraries: the Central Library, the Library for the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies and the College of Arabic and Social Studies, the Library of Academic Center of University Studies for Girls, the libraries of the Colleges of Education for Girls that are affiliated to the University, and the libraries of the Community Colleges. The management of these libraries is conducted through the Deanship of Library Affairs, which is one of the support deanships at the University. It is in charge of serving students, faculty members, and the community, and of securing electronic and other references for the libraries and providing locations for students who wish to review their lectures privately or collectively in an academically stimulating environment. The Deanship’s evaluation of these services is based on student and faculty feedback for improvement.
Deanship Objectives
1.  Achieving excellence in the service of the educational process and scientific research
2.  Strengthening the role of Deanship in the community service
3.  Updating the paper sources of information
4.  Developing databases, information technology, and digital resources
5.  Improving the library to increase the number of library users
6.  Raising the efficiency of equipment and improving the website services and infrastructure.
7.  Developing a mechanism for the provision of services
8.  Raising efficiency and maintaining satisfaction and retention of human resources, developing administrative performance, and increasing financial resources, In order to achieve those goals, the Deanship of Library Affairs is working on a range of projects that have been developed by the Strategic Plan of the Deanship, which number 21 projects.
Deanship Mission
The Deanship seeks to provide comprehensive potentials and a variety of advanced sources of information that meet the needs of students, faculty members, and researchers in line with the requirements of the times, aiming to enhance the performance of education and research at the University in line with its leading role in community service.
Deanship Vision
A nationally distinguished library for the support of the educational process, the enrichment of scientific research, and for community service.