Funding&scientific communication

Funding&scientific communication

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Proquest company that provides scientific Pivot communication service.
It is a research site belonging to the company ProQuest provides tools unmatched to discover funding opportunities and support cooperation in the field of research to develop effective, worth about $ 33 billion with the unique data base of 3 million of researchers and scientists all over the world, and is designed for faculty members and researchers body staff, and graduate students, which is aimed at combating the complexities and obstacles that hinder research funding and research projects.
1 - Pivot the tool that enables you to access to more global source of funding opportunities inclusive, including more than $ 33 billion in total.

2 - Recognize the experiences of researchers from your organization or outside of the definition of the world's leading research institutions files.

3 - Support ways of cooperation partnerships necessary Convention.

4 - Focus on making awards and grants task.

5 - Build a strong network of contacts for future opportunities.

You can take advantage and discover this service by clicking on the icon below.
To register for the first time, it must be submitted through the Internet within the university and its branches, and can then access from anywhere.

How to use in addition to more information about the service you can visit this link here

Create your own page through the service and start taking advantage of direct service. The image below illustrated to the place of registration as a new user.