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 Qassim University Libraries’ Lending Regulations


1. Beneficiaries

  A. All QU faculty members including lecturers and demonstrators or assistant lecturers;

  B. Graduate students;

  C. QU students of both sexes;

  D. QU staff;

  E. Non-QU individuals;

  F.QU libraries;

  G. Other KSA libraries pending agreement upon lending procedures with Deanship of Library Affairs;

  H. GCC university libraries according to applicable lending rules and regulation.


2. Nonlendable Materials

  A. References such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and manuals;

  B. Periodicals and scientific serials;

  C. Government prints, documents, maps, and files;

  D. University dissertations and theses;

  E. Original and xerox manuscripts;

  F. Rare books;

  G. Non-paper documents such as CDs, tapes, computer softwares;


  I. QU faculty teaching-related, reserved books;     

  J. Restricted books;

  K. Private library books;

  L. Single copy books;

  M. Restricted or reserved books as in g. above.


3. Number of Books to Lend

  A.14 books per faculty member;

  B.12 books per lecturer and demonstrator;

  C.5 books per student;

  D.3 books per outsider.


4. Lending Duration

  A. One semester for  faculty members including lecturers and demonstrators or assistant lecturers;

  B. 15 days for QU students an staff;

  C. 15 days for non-QU staff;

  D. Books can be extended once provided they are not on demand by others;

  E. Beneficiaries should return books within a week prior  to the expiry of the lending period if requested to do so;


5. Penalties and Fines

  A. Overdue fine of half a SR per day per book to a maximum of 90 days;

  B. In excess of 90 days of being overdue, an additional fine of 15 SR per month for one year shall be incurred;

  C. In excess of a year being overdue, the book is deemed missing;

  D. No books shall be lent unless overdue books are returned;

  E. In case of overdue recursions, the Dean of Library Affairs may deprive the beneficiary from borrowing for at least a semester or as he deems fit;

FA two SR fine per day of delay within a week of demanding a book to be returned prior to the expiry of its due date.


6. Reserving Books

  A.The course tutor may reserve a book for student use within the Library;

  B.The Lending Department Head or Library Secretary may reserve a book if he deemed necessary;

  C.The reserved books under a & b above can be lent out in two cases:

            (i) for internal library use for a maximum of two hours per student;

            (ii) the head of the lending division or the library secretary may allow lending a reserved book overnight one hour before the library closes down provided it is returned the next morning  before 9am.


7. Fines for Book Loss and Damage

  A. Should a beneficiary lose or a damage a book, he should arrange for a new copy of the same or a newer edition within a month; otherwise, he should pay the full price of the book as determine by the Supply Division according to rules and regulations approved by the Dean of Library Affairs. In case of rare books or book presents, the borrower should pay the price to be determined by the technical committee according to the value of  such books and its rarity in the market which should be approved by the Dean of Library Affairs. There is a fine in both cases.

  B. Should the borrower default on the above payments amicably, the Deanship of Library Affairs shall  deduct the full amount from his financial dues at QU or QU library deposit if sufficient.


8. Financial Guarantee

  A.During the summer break, a full time student may borrow up to three books against a SR 200 deposit returnable in the second week of the next academic year;

  B. Graduate students and non-QU persons should pay a deposit of SR1000 during loan service.

  C. The deposit amount shall be deposited in the account of the Deanship of Library Affairs against a receipt to be issued to the borrower;

  D. Fines for delay, loss and damage shall be deducted from such a deposit and if not sufficient, the borrower shall pay the balance;

  E. The borrower should arrange for his QU Borrower Library Card to be renewed within a month prior to expiry. If he fails to do that within a year of its expiry, he cannot ask for a deposit refund.

  F. Delay in claiming and receiving the deposit after one year of the end of  the  borrowing period  results in the  borrower forfeiting his right to do so.


9. Second Party Release

Upon graduation, study leave, semester deletion and financial guarantee reclamation, the student should obtain a second party release from the Central Library and its subsidiaries. The same rules apply for QU staff upon resignation, retirement or transfer to another agency.


10. General Regulations       

  A. At QU subsidiary libraries, lending is limited to faculty members, lecturers, students and staff.

  B. The Dean of Library Affairs may exempt some beneficiaries from such  rules.

  C. The Dean of Library Affairs may grant some beneficiaries borrowing rights under item a. above pursuant to identity verification and circumstance scrutiny.

  D. The Dean of Library Affairs may deprive the  beneficiaries who abuse the Library and its acquisitions and its personnel from borrowing for a period of not more than one academic year.

  E. QU colleges and their respective administrations cooperate in executing these rules.​